Useful Commands
router(config)# router eigrp <as-number>
router(config-router)# eigrp stub (connected|summary|static|redistributed|receive-only)

EIGRP stubs are required when a network gets larger – because EIGRP doesn’t have the concept of areas like OSPF – there is a lot information being sent between all the routers. The reason that EIGRP Stubs are implemented are for performance on these large networks.

Similar to OSPF stubs, stubs are used when there is only one network that a router is connected to. These ‘dead-ends’ will only receive information about topology changes in the network and will not process QUERY packets. They keep only one route in their EIGRP routing table and that is their default route to the rest of the network

Alternate configurations can be mixed-and-matched which allows the user to select the desired mode.

Stub Modes


router(config-router)# eigrp stub connected


router(config-router)# eigrp stub summary


router(config-router)# eigrp stub static


router(config-router)# eigrp stub redistributed

Receive Only

router(config-router)# eigrp stub receive-only

The only time that a receive-only would be used would be in the case that. You only want to receive routing information and do not want any information to be sent out

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