Digital Ocean OpenLiteSpeed WordPress Let's Encrypt renewal

One of my websites is being hosted using OpenLiteSpeed web server. It was created from a Digital Ocean OpenLiteSpeed WordPress droplet from the DO marketplace. On installation, a certificate was created using Let's Encrypt but it appears that the renewal of the certificate was not automated. OpenLiteSpeed is a fantastic and extremely fast webserver but […]

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Learning web development to understand the network

Everything seems to be moving to the web. Software As A Service (Saas) is fast becoming the way that businesses do business. Microsoft Office 365 is, as far as I am concerned, a SaaS offering and it is being used by SMBs and Enterprise customers alike. When you are fast approaching a point where most […]

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In certifications we trust?

The world has changed, the world is always changing. As far as IT certifications are concerned, there has been a big change in the world. Cisco has renewed it's whole line-up, maybe not in name, but definitely in spirit. It seems like they have finally caught up with the way that the world is working […]

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The year of the Linux Desktop

Taking a leap? It was a couple of years ago that I was talking to someone about Linux and he jokingly said: "Oh yeah, well you do know that this is the year of the Linux desktop". Not in on the joke, I started on my monologue of agreement only to be told that this […]

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Cisco EtherChannel to VMware ESXi

Cisco EtherChannel to VMware ESXi Usually when I am working with an ESXi server and configuring it myself, it is in my lab environment. As that lab environment exists in an HP Blade chassis with 10GbE connections between all the hosts there is not much call for connecting to the network via EtherChannel. When we […]

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MikroTik IPv6 on BT Infinity

MikroTik RouterOS IPv6 connection to BT Infinity For the most part, everything you should need is in the video that I made, which can be found below. Everything other than that is mostly just notes/ramblings. Install/check the IPv6 Package First off, you will need to ensure that the IPv6 package is present on your router. […]

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Dumpcap: CLI packet capture on Windows

Dumpcap is a more reliable CLI version of wireshark. I recently had an intermittent issue on a customer site that required a trace to be taken whilst the issue was happening. Inititally I tried to run a packet capture with a ring buffer to see the SIP messages that occured when the failure happened. Unfortunately, […]

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Using RSA keys to SSH to Cisco Routers

  Creating the keys Ok, the goal here is to use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to log in to my Cisco Routers and Switches in my lab. I was using my Synology as a RADIUS server which was cool but it is not that fast, it would take a good few seconds to authenticate the […]

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Ubuntu Virtual Machines (VMs)

  Info and prerequisites KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is the Linux version of a Hypervisor. Compared to its rivals VMware ESXi/Workstation, Oracle VirtualBox and Microsoft’s own Hyper-V it is a pared down offering without many of the features that its counterparts offer, as far as I have seen. What it lacks in features it more […]

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