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Hi, welcome to my site, this is mostly a place for my training notes and guides. Things I need to remember and testing I do for web design and development bits. I work in ‘IT’, principally on Trader Voice. This involves a wide-range of systems including Linux, VMware, networking as well as Windows Servers and we spend an ungodly amount of the time scanning through Wireshark traces. 

Recently, I have taken to web development as a hobby which has turned more to WordPress design than anything else really. I have also been learning about web analytics and SEO. After getting a hosting package with a PHP development course I have gone on to design and build a number of websites for friends. All of which has been distracting me from what I should really be doing. Studying for my Cisco and CompTIA exams. The notes I have begun taking for these certifications are on the site too. They may not make much sense to anyone else but they are there to peruse.

I don’t really believe that many people will stumble upon this place. However, if you do then you are most welcome to look around.

The ‘useful guides’ that I have written are possibly not very useful to anyone except me but then I am not a writer and I don’t play one on the internet ;-). I put them together so that I can recall how to do things that I know I would not otherwise remember. They are the kind of things that you only do every so often and were enough of a pain to do or work out that it was worth writing myself out a walk-through for the next time.