Joe Robinson

data networks, virtualization, cloud computing, website design. I’m interested in a wide range of things related to technology and computing

A Builder’s house is never finished…

…in much the same way that a techie’s website is never ‘done’.

If you think the website lacks cohesion, with bits-and-pieces everywhere and ambiguous design all over the place, you’re right. This website will never be complete. I am forever changing it. As I learn more and discover new or interesting things to do with websites, cloud platforms, networks, etc. I change it all. It is a scratchpad that I use for my training notes, blog posts on topics I find interesting and other bits. You are welcome to peruse but don’t expect it all to make sense 😉

Useful guides

Cisco EtherChannel to VMware ESXi 

MikroTik IPv6 on BT Infinity 

blog entry picture of binary

Dumpcap: CLI packet capture on Windows 

blog entry binary padlock

Using RSA keys to SSH to Cisco Routers 

A picture of my office setup at home

…this is where the magic happens…

when people set themselves up to be productive when working from home

I would think that the picture speaks for itself, I can get a lot done when I am working from home. I have a mass of screen ‘real-estate’. A more powerful computer than any business is ever going to want to buy me. Everything set just the way I like it and the only distractions are those that I create for myself. Can you ever really be as productive in a shared or open-plan office? Obviously there are arguments for it from a standpoint of collaboration and serendipitous creativity. But, how often is that really happening?

Personally, I like to work from home the majority of the time, I get more done and I am more likely to work more due to the convenience of my location. When I go to the office it is great, it is always good to see my colleagues and socialise but it is not always conducive to getting ‘deep work’ done. There are too many distractions.