Joe Robinson

Cisco Systems, MikroTik and data networks.
VMware, Cloud computing and virtualisation.
Website Design and Development.

...I'm interested in a wide range of things related to technology and computing

Learning web development to understand the network

Everything seems to be moving to the web. Software As A Service (Saas) is fast becoming the way that businesses do business. Microsoft Office 365 is, as far as I am concerned, a SaaS offering and it is being used by SMBs and Enterprise customers alike. When you are fast approaching a point where most […]

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In certifications we trust?

The world has changed, the world is always changing. As far as IT certifications are concerned, there has been a big change in the world. Cisco has renewed it's whole line-up, maybe not in name, but definitely in spirit. It seems like they have finally caught up with the way that the world is working […]

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The year of the Linux Desktop

Taking a leap? It was a couple of years ago that I was talking to someone about Linux and he jokingly said: "Oh yeah, well you do know that this is the year of the Linux desktop". Not in on the joke, I started on my monologue of agreement only to be told that this […]

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A builder's house is never finished...

If you think the website lacks cohesion, with bits-and-pieces everywhere and ambiguous design all over the place, you're right. This website will never be complete. I am forever changing it. As I learn more and discover new or interesting things to do with websites, cloud platforms, networks, etc. I change it all. It is a scratchpad that I use for my training notes, blog posts on topics I find interesting and other bits. You are welcome to peruse but don't expect it all to make sense much the same way that a techie's website is never 'done'

If you need a new website or your website needs updating go to

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